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Donnie Yance returns for yet another inspiring and interesting talk about health and vitality using medicinal plants, healthy diet, and lifestyle. You won’t want to miss this free seminar packed to the brim with tips, recommendations, and even a few recipes!

Please RSVP for this free event by calling 410-992-4747 asap


About our speaker:

Donald R. Yance, Jr., CN, MH, has devoted his life to developing a unique approach to health and healing that elegantly combines his passion for the latest scientific research with the wisdom of ancient healing traditions. Donnie’s longstanding interests in botanical medicine, music, and Eastern Christian, Franciscan theology infuse his work, resulting in an approach to healing that is compassionate, creative, intelligent, and inspiring.

  • Founder of the Mederi Centre for Natural Healing in Ashland, Oregon

  • President and formulator of Natura Health Products, a line of advanced botanical and nutritional products for health care practitioners

  • Author of Herbal Medicine, Healing & Cancer (Keats Publishing, 1999) and Adaptogens in Medical Herbalism: Elite Herbs and Natural Compounds for Mastering Stress, Aging, and Chronic Disease (Healing Arts Press, 2013)

  • Internationally recognized expert in botanical and nutritional medicine

  • Certified Nutritionist and Clinical Master Herbalist

  • Professional member of the American Herbalists Guild and the National Association of Nutrition Professionals

  • Professed as an Eastern Rite, Secular Franciscan (SFO)

  • Jazz musician