What is the cost of the class?

$60 which includes tastings of up to 4 courses, beverage, packet of recipes and relevant information, demonstration of all dishes, and time for question and answers. Inquire about our "Frequent Diners Club" for discounted classes. 

Can i use insurance to cover the class?

It depends. If you are a patient of a participating doctor at Crossroads Medicine, then a portion of the class may be covered. You would be responsible for your regular co-pay.

Are the classes gluten free/ dairy free/ etc?

All of our classes are gluten free. Most of our classes are dairy free as well. There will always be options for people who are dairy free, peanut free, soy free. If you have an allergy or sensitivity other than gluten, dairy, peanut or soy you must let us know at least a week before your class so that we can prepare accordingly. 

ARE THE CLASSES vegetarian or vegan?

Our classes are based on the Mediterranean diet which puts a heavy focus on plant based foods. However, it also highlights animal based foods such as fish, lean proteins, eggs, and some dairy. With that said, we can almost always accommodate vegan or vegetarians if you call to let us know 48 hours ahead of your scheduled class. We also offer several completely plant based classes! 

Will i be cooking the food?

No, you will be sitting around a open kitchen with about 8-9 other people watching our teachers prepare the dishes. You are encouraged to ask questions from start to finish to make sure you know how to recreate them at home. You leave with a packet of recipes created in class and the confidence and motivation to recreate them at home. 

Should I eat dinner before i come?

Absolutely not! We prepare at least 3 courses which will be served as they are ready. We eat over the course of 1 and a half hours, so you have a chance to realize that small portions do really fill you up!  



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