Chronic inflammation. It's on the rise and manifesting as more than just aches and pains. New research has linked chronic inflammation, the kind that doesn't turn off when it's no longer needed, to many modern day diseases and syndromes including cancer, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, autoimmune disease, obesity, Alzheimer's, depression, and cardiovascular disease.

In most cases, inflammation becomes chronic, or doesn't turn itself off, when the body is constantly challenged with environmental insults. Among those insults is our choice of food. Our diets can either provoke inflammation or squelch the internal fire. Over the past few years, we seen a great deal of research showing that certain foods display anti-inflammatory activity. That's exciting news! Putting the research into common everyday practice is where we come in.

We designed our new cooking class series to take you through the nuts and bolts of transitioning your diet to one that fights inflammation. We've broken our classes down to highlight the components of a balanced anti-inflammatory diet- soups, entree salads, healthy starches, vegetable sides, main courses, and breakfasts. Stay tuned for the schedule, which will appear on our Classes & Events page.